My Review of Noah Movie as a Pastor and a Father

I am sitting on a plane headed back to Los Angeles for the weekend and then am headed right back to NYC with our entire family for the premiere of Noah. Last night, Nolan (my 11 year old who plays Young Ham) in the movie and I went to the cast and crew screening of the movie.

I wrote two different articles about Christians and the opportunities that might be missed that should come out this week on some different outlets. I wrote those prior to seeing the movie, having only read the script and been on set.

Jonathan Merritt wrote a great piece about the film that you can read here -

The best review I have read so far that sums this thing up is here:

We Got This Covered: “Ultimately, Noah is a powerful but complicated experience that’s deeply fascinating in the way it subverts expectations. It will crash over you like the flood itself, knocking you back, allowing you to take in awe-inspiring visuals but also forcing you to contemplate complex questions. An absorbing character study and an action epic all at once, Noah is a highly ambitious, largely successful outing for its director and star.”

I wanted to give my thoughts after seeing the movie.

  • The movie is incredible.
  • The movie will provoke conversations. 
  • The movie will make you think. (Sometimes christians don’t like this part)
  • The movie will draw you back to the Bible. First thing I did was open up Genesis 6: 1-9 to read about The Watchers. Yes they are in the BIble.
  • The movie puts you in Noah’s shoes helping you experience all the different emotions, tensions and trials he faced or might have faced.
  • The movie is visually stunning.
  • The movie has a remarkable cast and crew and Darren Aronofsky is a genius.
  • This movie has done the best job in the history of Hollywood to date of taking a Bible story and putting it on the big screen. 
  • The movie made me proud.  Proud not just of my son but on so many other levels.
  • The movie leaves you with a lot of questions. Great movies do that and this one does.

The movie doesn’t come with a study guide for small group discussions, posters to download for your church to go buy out theaters with all your Christian friends or a companion guide to the movie. The movie is smarter than that. I believe most of my Christian friends are smarter than that as well and don’t need all those things. 

Don’t listen to people on twitter or people behind a pulpit that haven’t seen this movie. Next weekend, the movie comes out and I would highly encourage you to go see it with some friends. Find some friends who wouldn’t go to church with you but I am sure if you buy the popcorn and the ticket and offer to cover babysitting they will be there with you.  We are going Saturday with 153 of our friends and family and can’t wait for the conversations to follow. 

Head to for tickets!